72 hours in Amsterdam- Incredible and Unforgettable.

Until you have the first feel for Amsterdam, you won’t understand why it’s such an a beautiful, native and magical city.

The beautiful watery existence of the memorising network of canals is what makes the city so magical. Not to mention, Amsterdam’s history traditions, for example near enough everyone rides a bike, I have never seen so many bikes at once before until I went to Amsterdam! The dutch don’t care if it’s raining, you will see dozens of them ride past with their kids in the back seat. Or even some with horse and carriage, and unbelievably small cars. I love the traditions in Amsterdam, unlike us, the British. We all drive cars, hardly anyone rides bikes, and we totally should be. So much cheaper and bikes are generally more quirky.


Although Amsterdam is known for it’s excellent history culture, including Anne Franks house and the Rijksmuseum museum, they are also known for legal weed and prostitution.

The liberal approach of legal weed and prostitutes is what makes Amsterdam such a laid back city, and therefore an incredible city.


Day 1:

I went to Amsterdam just before Christmas with my boyfriend for his 21st birthday. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I didn’t know that much about Amsterdam, just what I was told about other people. On our first day we made our way into town, looked at all the city attractions, including, Dam Square, Red Light District, and of course a walk down the canal enjoying the beautiful views. The Red Light District is a must, it’s a great experience and it’s something different that you won’t see anywhere else. We also went to the sex museum which was strangely interesting and insightful, and was a funny experience. Amsterdam

Then after a lovely day looking around the city, enjoying the sights, we then went to the Red Light District Pub-crawl. Which is a MUST if your going to Amsterdam. We met the reps at a bar, and we paid 16 euros, for free entrance to clubs, free drinks and a t-shirt. It was an unforgettable night! We met so many people from different parts of the world and got very drunk thanks to the reps! We got to go to 4 bars, (although I don’t remember much after the first), and went to a nightclub at the end. So If you want to have a proper decent night out, Amsterdam is the bomb. After a long night out it’s also funny to head round the Red Light District to see how mad it gets into the early hours of the morning!


Day 2:

Although we wasted half the day hungover in bed till noon, we headed into town again, got some lovely hot chocolate and cookies from a little shop in Dam square, and headed over to the the Coffee Shop. For those of you that don’t know much about coffee shops in Amsterdam, it’s basically where you buy and smoke weed legally, it’s actually incredible.. I am not a smoker myself, but I find it generally cool how they can just buy a coffee and smoke a joint and just hang out. Not to mention the amazing hot chocolates and lattes they sell in there. Even if you aren’t into that thing, still check it out. Great atmosphere, and everyones so chilled(well you can imagine they would be.)

Downfall: A lot of places do charge 50 cent to use the bathroom, even KFC.. however, Starbucks don’t. You will have to have a little look around.

At the night time, we booked a canal cruise which was a tour around the Amsterdam light festival, which was very relaxing and had the most incredible views. However, as the festival is only on over Christmas, I suggest going on another canal cruise, for example on a pizza or cocktail cruise!!


Day 3:

A lot of walking, more coffee shops, more views, hot drinks, chips, weird shops down side streets, saying sad goodbyes and goodbye pancakes..

Overall, the best 72 hours I have ever had. Worth every penny, and it’s an amazing city, that everyone needs to experience Amsterdam one time in their lives! I will be going back again that’s for sure.


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