World Championship Darts Final

The World Championship Darts final took place on New Year’s Day. The final was between Peter Wright and Dutchman Michael Van Gerwen. In the end the 24 year old Dutchman won the title of being World Champion. He also became the new world number one.

The final looked like it was going to become an easy win for Van Gerwen at four sets to none up. But Wright managed to gain one set which created a momentum to then win a couple on the trot. Van Gerwen seemed to be in a lull when throwing his darts by not getting at least 100 on his throw.

Nerves seemed to be getting in the way with Mighty Mike when he was only one leg away from winning, his nerves of being so close to that title crept in with Snack bite (Peter Wright) winning the set instead. Although the time came when Wright was behind one set at five sets to Van Gerwen’s 6, they both had two legs each. Peter snack bite Wright missed a double 20 to make it 6 sets all. Then Mighty Mike put his muscle behind the darts he threw and won the set, by making it to seven sets and also he won the championship title.

As Phil Taylor was knocked early in the competition by Matt Smith, Van Gerwen became the new number one in the world.

Michael Van Gerwen will be hoping to keep his winning ways with the Premier League returning this February. The top four will automatically go through, these include Michael Van Gerwen, Phil Taylor, Adrian Lewis and Simon Whitlock. The wildcards of the premier league are World Championship runner up Peter Wright. These also include Dave Chisnall, Wes Newton, Robert Thornton, Raymond Van Barneveld and Gary Anderson.


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