The relationship title that changes everything…

So when we first meet a new guy, in this day and age it’s usually via social media or pub crawl (we live in a whirlwind romance society). We attracted our crush by stumbling to the bar in a barely there sailors outfit, our constant Facebook status updates letting everyone know our desired taste in crude music ( 2 chainz – I love dem strippers, need I say more?) and splashing belfies of ourselves all over Twitter. One look at all of these great aspects and he’s hooked and already bragging to his friends about you.

Until it starts getting serious and you’re even Facebook official. All of a sudden your new beau has decided that everything you embody is not girlfriend material after all. The outfits that grabbed his attention are now trashy, the music we listen to show we have no respect for ourselves, and our belfies are definitely for his eyes only (are you listening Kim?).

So what changes between the laid back stages of accepting each other for our wild ways and finally getting that relationship title?

As much as us girls love to laugh off the things we thought were actually quite funny, in an embarrassing sort of way, let’s face it – it’s not exactly girlfriend material.

It’s true that men want a classy lady on his arm that he can take home to his family without giving you a prep talk before telling you what to change about yourself when you’re around them. They want women that are confident in their own skin, not having to bare all of it. Plus they definitely don’t want to be the topic of banter with their friends with them oogling your latest indecent tweet.

We find ourselves changing to accommodate his relationship needs. So how can we win? It seems almost impossible to catch that guy’s attention without seeking it in an obvious way these days, but how can we go from sailor girl to the girl that looks pure and wears cardigans?

It’s simple – we don’t have to. We all go through that phase where we are looking for a wild night out, and that’s fine. Maybe this isn’t the time to think about being in a relationship? After all, you want to go on those nights out and girlie holidays without your other half moaning about it. Enjoy your prime until you know you are ready to clean yourself up and look for something serious where you can both laugh at how he has tamed you.

There comes a time where you start dressing and acting in a more respectful manner, and you might no longer attract all the attention of guys slurring at you with beer down their tee’s, but you’ll definitely attract that perfect gentlemen who will definitely seek you for all the right reasons. Let’s face it, who wants to spend romantic weekends in Magaluf with their boyfriends anyway?…

This way, you really won’t have to change anything about yourself throughout your relationship, and won’t feel like you’re other half is your Dad and ordering you about telling you what to wear and what to do.


Also – you can still be classy and sexy, just look at Beyonce.

The relationship title is to learn more about each other, not to change it.


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