A Holiday in Hawaii


Who wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii right? It has dream holiday destination written all over it. Much like places such as the Caribbean and the Bahamas, you naturally conjure up similar words to describe Hawaii like ‘paradise’, ‘tropical’, ‘sunshine’. Even saying its name ‘Hawaii’ sounds all exotic and exciting.

Hawaii’s breathtaking scenery is mesmerising and as you travel around the island there’s world class views on offer to soak up. It’s hard not to be impressed by the magnificence of your surroundings, especially in one of the new luxury vacation rentals; the lush green mountains, the crystal clear tranquil waters, and the towering skyline is an unforgettable sight.

It’s of course no surprise why Hawaii draws in millions of visitors, from the holiday -makers to the rich and famous. It’s very likely you’ll bump into more Australian’s and Japanese tourists than Americans. Hawaii has also been the setting for a plethora of popular movies and tv programmes; Hunger Games, Lost, Hawaii 5-0 to name but a few.

I stayed at the Ilikai Hotel, on the island of Oahu. This is one of the most popular islands and Hawaii’s third largest. The Hawaiian lifestyle and culture lives up to expectation, it’s so refreshingly laid back and relaxed. As an aside piece of information, it is also the birthplace of Barack Obama.

Hot-spots In Hawaii: Where to begin, there’s so many, but the one’s beneath are some I did over two weeks. I would recommend booking tours beforehand, especially these as most of them are on every tourists bucket list of things to see and do:


  • Pearl Harbour – as one of the most historic and iconic sites on the Island of Oahu, this is top of the list to visit. Not just for you history buffs, this is somewhere that truly deserves a visit from everyone. I would definitely get the headphones as they provide the best detailed historic accounts and information. Time it right to be there in November/December for Pearl Harbour day and enjoy the parades.


  • Grand Island Tour and Luau – This is your chance to see some jaw dropping scenic spots all over the island in one day. Learn the ins and outs of the island and marvel at the rare natural beauty surrounding you. The pictures you take will be postcard worthy and almost look photoshopped. Finish the day with some fun entertainment at a luau, and learn firsthand about the Hawaiian culture.


  • Dinner Cruise – I would recommend going on an evening boat in order to catch the sunset. Hawaiian dancing, good food and incredible views make the night a special one.


  • Sea Life Park –  You can have a ride of a life time here swimming with dolphins, watch some impressive shows, and appreciate the marine life living there.


  • Waikiki beach – It would be a sin to go to Hawaii and not hit this world famous beach. The inviting tranquil waters, fringed with soft golden sand and palm trees teamed with the sunshine is a vision of paradise.


  • Waikele Outkets/Ala Moana Shopping Center – A shopaholics’ dream. Catch the right time of year for the sales and black friday and you will pick up some incredibly cheap bargains. Oahu has designer stores galore and is able to mix these modern luxuries with the natural beauty of the island.


  • Cheescake Factory – you cannot leave without trying the mouthwatering and tantalisingly delicious delights of the cheescake here. They have two A4 pages of cheescake heaven to choose from. Even if you don’t like cheescake go for the main courses’ and the lively, friendly atmosphere. This place is packed out from just about the time it opens to the time it closes, so get there early.


Hawaii is a dream holiday destination and to make it a reality is unforgettable! The allure of the island will have anyone returning for another taste of paradise, but also the cheescake!

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