Oscars 2014: Predictions

The new year brings Awards Season; a chance to look back and commend the events, songs and films of the previous year which deserve to be entrenched in our memories as ‘critically-acclaimed’ and ‘award-winning’. The ultimate ceremony, and usually the one that brings an end to the Season of Awards, is the Annual Oscars. This is the first year where I’ve managed to watch all of the films nominated, and I think I can give an educated opinion. The Oscars 2014 are the most competitive in years. Below are the list of nominees for all the major awards, my predictions on who will win, who SHOULD win, and the underdogs who may surprise us…


Best picture

The Nominees:

12 Years a Slave

American Hustle

Captain Phillips

Dallas Buyers Club





The Wolf of Wall Street

Will Win: 12 Years A Slave

Should Win: 12 Years A Slave

Surprise Win: Gravity

It will be a serious injustice if 12 Years a Slave doesn’t walk away with the award everyone wants. Emotionally charged and poignant, this landmark movie could make it a memorable year for black actors and directors. However, maybe the Academy want to be seen as hip and go with the visually mind-blowing Gravity instead? it certainly deserves recognition for its incredible visual effects.


Best director

Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity

Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave

Alexander Payne, Nebraska

David O Russell, American Hustle

Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street

Will Win: Alfonso Cuarón

Should Win: Steve McQueen

Surprise Win: Martin Scorsese

Cuarón should be commended for creating Gravity, but McQueen deserves to pip him to the post for handling such a delicate issue in 12 Years so well. Scorsese can add The Wolf of Wall Street to his catalogue of classic films, and is the underdog in probably the most competitive category of the night.


Best actor

Christian Bale, American Hustle

Bruce Dern, Nebraska

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street

Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave

Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club

Will Win: Matthew McConaughey

Should Win: Chiwetel Ejifor

Surprise Win: Leonardo DiCaprio

Everyone is raving about McConaughey’s incredible performance as an AIDs victim in 80s Texas, and the serious transformation he undertook to fulfil the role. However, 12 Years should be awarded for the impeccable casting and touching performance of Ejifor. Then again, is it finally DiCaprio’s year?…


Best actress

Amy Adams, American Hustle

Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine

Sandra Bullock, Gravity

Judi Dench, Philomena

Meryl Streep, August: Osage County

Will Win: Cate Blanchett/Amy Adams

Should Win: Cate Blanchett

Surprise Win: Sandra Bullock

Critics think this is a two horse race between Blanchett and Adams, but I was left unimpressed with the latter. Bullock gives an amazing performance in the space thriller and really showed off her dynamics as an actress throughout 2013. Perhaps she could be recognised for this?

Best supporting actor

Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips

Bradley Cooper, American Hustle

Michael Fassbender, 12 Years a Slave

Jonah Hill, The Wolf of Wall Street

Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

Will Win: Jared Leto

Should Win: Barkhad Abdi

Surprise Win: Michael Fassbender

Again, another tight knit race. Leto is astounding as a transexual AIDs victim. His dedication to the role really paid off. Abdi played an understated role so may creep in at the last minute when the experts decide. Fassbender missed out with Shame and would love to make up for it this time around, and it would also be well deserved.

Best supporting actress

Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine

Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle

Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Years a Slave

Julia Roberts, August: Osage County

June Squibb, Nebraska

Will Win: Lupita N’yongo

Should Win: Lupita N’yongo

Surprise Win: Jennifer Lawrence

Two of my favourite actresses are up for this award (Roberts and Lawrence) but the runaway winner is N’yongo for her amazing portrayal. For me, Lawrence stole the show in American Hustle and would deserve this award to complete an incredible year for her, but she did win Best Actress last year and that will probably hinder her chances.


Best animated feature

The Croods

Despicable Me 2

Ernest and Celestine


The Wind Rises

Will Win: Frozen

Should Win: Frozen

Surprise Win: Despicable Me 2

DISNEY. DISNEY. DISNEY. Whats not to love? None of these other titles reached out to me, and this icy caper was fantastic in both 2 and 3D!

Best song

‘Alone Yet Not Alone’, Alone Yet Not Alone

‘Happy’, Despicable Me 2

‘Let It Go’, Frozen

‘The Moon Song’, Her

‘Ordinary Love’, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Will Win: ‘Let It Go’ by Idina Menzel (from Frozen)

Should Win: ‘Happy’ Pharrell Williams (Despicable Me 2)

Surprise Win: ‘Ordinary Love’ by U2 (from Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom)

The Frozen soundtrack has everything a Disney film needs to take away this Oscar again (they’ve won eight times previously) and Menzel’s vocals are impeccable. But what a year it would be for Pharrell to pick up an Academy Award, after being part of three global smash hit records and becoming the hottest ticket in the music industry. U2’s effort is god awful, but has one of those feel-good factors that the adjudicators may love, as well as finding a way to recognise Mandela in some form.


Best visual effects


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Iron Man 3

The Lone Ranger

Star Trek Into Darkness

Will Win: Gravity

Should Win: Gravity


Undoubtedly, this one is in the bag for Gravity, the safest bet of the night. Stunning visual effects, this movie is way ahead of its time, and indicates an exciting future ahead for the movie- and 3D- industry.


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