Why Dating is Hard in the City

Okay, I know that dating everywhere is hard. Small towns may be just as bad as the city, but at least you most likely know everything about the person you are dating beforehand. So, here are my reasons why dating in the city is harder…

1. You have no idea who these people are, so they can make up their whole life story and you would have no idea. For example, a lot of athletic-looking guys think that it’s okay to pretend they are athletes. I remember one time, a guy came up to me and said he was Andre Johnson. I honestly did not know who Andre Johnson was. Luckily my friend was with me, and said “let me see your ID.” His name was Andrew Johnson. So remember this when you meet that cardiothoracic surgeon, he probably in reality is jobless and lives at home in his mom’s basement and plays video games all day.

2. Some of my friends are turning to dating websites to find decent guys to go on dates with, since the guys on there are actually interested in dating… you would think. I would not recommend the site seeking arrangement, which is literally a website for “sugar daddies.” I mean, I am sure some girls find guys to buy them things and pay their bills, but really what normal guy that has money would need to go on that site? But, a lot of people in the city have met the person they are with from online dating sites, so I can’t be against it completely. It’s also possible to meet people from social media sites. I successfully met people on twitter and on Instagram. If it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t have met some of the cool people I did in the city.

3. There are just so many distractions. A lot of older guys that I meet still go out a lot and drink. It’s definitely hard to trust someone your interested in when they are going out and probably meeting other people, since there are so many people in a city to meet.  Also, geography becomes a big problem in the mind of a guy.  For example in New York, if you meet someone that lives in a different borough than you, you may as well forget it. Brooklyn to Queens is just out of the question for them, you basically just told them you live in another state. Also, everyone wants to be famous. For example, there are so many guys who are jobless or just settling for random side jobs to make extra money while they pursue their rapping career. I’m sorry, but you all are not going to be rappers. Maybe 5% of them will be, but the rest are just loving the attention from groupies on social media and that makes them feel like they are already famous.

Over-all, there are obviously a lot of things to watch out for when dating in the city. Watch out for the wanna-be rappers, the alcoholics, and the pretend cardiothoracic surgeons, and you should be okay.


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