Journalism courses at University

Journalism courses at University are forever more being disregarded – but why?

Coming from me, an A-level student who is an aspiring journalist, it was important that I chose the right course for me – obviously allowing for myself to pursue a career in Journalism. But when I was asked, back in year 12 the question “What do you want to study at University?” I replied with Journalism. Immediately I was being told by teachers not to go down that particular route for University. Where a degree in English or History would be far more beneficial for myself – I knew that many people think of a degree in Journalism as being a walk in the park, as it is seen as a media course – What will a media course get you at the end of it? A job in Mcdonalds.. All of these stereotypes did not put me off whatsoever. I knew Journalism was the right degree to study.

Not every University which offers a course in Journalism is perfect – I know that for sure when looking on the Complete University Guide as well as reading through the vast amount of Prospectus’ I was lucky enough to have, but not so lucky to have to get a giant sum of prospectus’ down to just 5..journalism

But as long as you apply to a University which is accredited by the NCTJ, you’ll stand a higher chance of getting a job within the Journalism industry. I took right upon this and fell in love with the best University in the UK for journalism, also that they have the best student’s union; how couldn’t I? It seems like it is an easy degree to get, but Journalism isn’t easy whatsoever! I’m already getting stressed over it just doing a little bit of Shorthand in preparation for September! So why should the views of others change what you want to do?

A Journalism course equips you with all the knowledge and expertise which is needed for a career out there. Would you get this from sitting studying a degree in English or History? Yes some people do opt for the more academic degrees, but having a degree in Journalism really does stand out – especially if you have the qualifications from the accredited bodies; NCTJ being the most important! without that, applying for a Journalism job would be pretty pointless – allowing for Journalism students to stand out from those who chose to do a History or English course.

The amount of experience you gain from a course in Journalism is second to none. You learn the theoretical parts of study – Such as the History and Law of Journalism, as well as Shorthand. Yet also you learn the practice side of the course – trying out the University’s state of the art Journalistic facilities, as well as being able to go out there and try out what you have learnt, through work experience placements! What more could you want?

So a Degree in Journalism is worth so much more than what others say to you – If the courses are so competitive, then surely that proves that they are not ‘pointless.’ Buy choosing the right institution – not long after graduating will you find yourself starting a career in the wonderful world of Journalism!

By Nadene Chandler


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