Beautiful Italia

Italy is always known as being such a beautiful country..

When I was lucky enough to spend a week in Italy back in February 2013, I was unaware of how amazing the country actually is. It was mind-blowing; seriously – it actually was! I think the best thing was that I was able to visit so many well known landmarks and towns and cities within the country.

– Landed at Pisa Airport

– travelled to famous spar resort, Montecatini Terme (Tuscany) where I stayed for three nights, within this time I had day visits to..

– Florence, Lucca and Pisa – Pisa is a must visit!

– Set off for Rome, visiting Sienna en route.

– Four days in Rome – Visiting the colosseum, Spanish steps, Vatican city, Trevi Fountain – and of course trying out the outstanding ice cream and Pizza.

But seriously, if you’re considering going abroad somewhere where there is a lot of culture and great food; Italy is definitely the place to go! The good thing about the country is that it is great to visit at anytime throughout the year. It can be t-shirt weather in February, as well as having a ridiculous amount of ice cream in winter – what more could you want?

If you’re a Journalist, or are an aspiring Journalist – Rome is brilliant to visit, there is always so much going on! when I visited last year, there was already a lot of Journalists around Vatican city – due to the resignation of Pope Benedict. It was amazing, hopefully one day; when i’m finally a professional Journalist, that’ll be me (little bit cheeky) but it must be amazing to report on such a big event.

Romance, History, Different, Outgoing? Italy is a must visit, Northern Italy is great for skiing and shopping – Yet Southern Italy is great for all round culture and the heat (Shameful that I never got the opportunity to visit Naples and Pompeii) One day I will make sure I do!

By Nadene Chandler


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