Review: Breaking Amish- Los Angeles

The incredible, ridiculousness of reality television is easily dismissed by the nature of human beings to succumb to the addictiveness of manufactured drama.  There is no doubt that reality television is scripted and fake to the core, and even though viewers may know better than to waste time, consuming lies on a big screen; the couch potato within always gets the final word.

The previews of Breaking Amish- Los Angeles which aired were hardly strategic, however, if one views an advert enough times, one’s curiosity will be piqued, and if there is anything worth believing which Coca Cola has taught one, it is that the best decision would be to reward that curiosity.  Tragically, one becomes a victim of the first episode curse.  Producers have revealed a few things which require one to keep watching.  Episode after episode, one is caught in a cycle of cliff-hangers.  It is a trap, which did not take much effort from the marketers to orchestrate.  Stupid consumers, they never learn.

Breaking Amish- Los Angeles is the second season of Breaking Amish, of the TLC network.  It follows seven young adults on their journey to discover, the secular world.  By the end of the season, cast members decide whether they would prefer to remain living in the secular world, or to return to their Amish communities, both of which the consequences would be their ostracisation (or shunning).

The storyline may seem simple, but the shenanigans these seven catch on are what make things complicated.  Be prepared for secrets that make you say, “no way!”, language that would make your mum uncomfortable, threesomes, strip clubs, alcohol (not a lot of alcohol, but you would be surprised at the low tolerance levels of some cast members, obviously leading to poor judgment and more stupidity), also gossip, more judgment, jail time, and generally WTF moments attributed to the ignorance of this raw bunch.

After watching Breaking Amish- Los Angeles, one will be more grateful for one’s education.  It is not entirely trashy television; it is quite informative about the ways of the Amish community.  It is worth watching some of the cast members pursue their aspirations during their time in Los Angeles.  There is a baker and a designer who want their careers to take flight.  Another wants to trace her genealogy, someone else wants to prepare for motherhood, one guy is forced to behave during his parole time, and two other guys want to do… guy things.

As much as the vulgarities presented by the secular world are disturbing, the opportunities offered for growth and success is greater than those offered in the Amish community.  The decision by cast members to embark on this journey is massive and alters the course of their lives.  So do not judge their ignorance harshly, because they sadly do not know any better.

If one could ignore the fact that Breaking Amish- Los Angeles is a reality television show; then it makes for good television drama.  It is no Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal, but it is much more intriguing than the local soap.  For reality television junkies, this scores an 8/10, but for everyone else who wants to pass the time with something to watch, a well-deserved 7/10.


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