The Not-So-Obvious Valentine’s Gift Guide

Whether you’re in a committed and loving relationship, or just bottling up a secret crush, Valentine’s Day has become one of those annual celebrations where the pressure to impress is forever increasing. These days, we see the shelves of Clintons piled high with over-commercialised and over-sentimentalised gifts as soon as Christmas is over… but even though, as consumers, we can see through this pink and fluffy facade, it doesn’t stop us jumping on the romantic band wagon and embracing, for that special day, the suave and charm of Leonardo DiCaprio. On a yacht. Covered in melted chocolate.

Gone are the days when a hand written card and a bunch of half wilted roses would suffice. Valentines gifts are becoming more extravagant, more sentimental and even more unique than ever before. So for those still embracing their romantic side, but want to impress with something a little different, your luck is in. Here is my unique valentine’s gift guide for ideas a little out of the ordinary.

For starters, you can put a new spin on the old classics! Yes, chocolates may be an easy option, but before you pop down to your local Tesco’s and scan the first assorted milk tray you can see… put some more thought into it and make your cocoa contribution a little individual. As soon as it hits February, chocolatiers like Thornton’s and Hotel Chocolat offer free personalisation on their chocolates. Buy a little chocolate plaque and pipe a special message or a personal nick-name on it. This will show thoughtfulness and effort and guarantee to satisfy any sweet tooth. But if your valentine has a real love for confectionary and you want to go that one step further, I recommend visiting Brighton’s Choccywoccydoodah’s and splash out on a bespoke and romantic, completely irresistible chocolate sweet treat!

If your date isn’t one for a slab of dairy milk, but you still like the idea of wining and dining, then look no further than treating the pair of you to a London Champagne lunch – the new spin on afternoon tea. You can have this bubbly brunch in a variety of hot London locations, and most of them offer great deals around Valentine’s. A few that I’ve found include Valentine’s Afternoon Tea at Kensington Close Hotel – £12pp, Champagne Tea at the Hilton London Paddington for £13.95pp, and Champagne Afternoon Tea at Tea42 for £18.95p. These excellent offers won’t break the bank but will certainly make any lucky valentine feel special.

Chocolates and champagne still seem pretty traditional to me, so what do you do when your partner is completely against the idea of anything heart-shaped or remotely lovey-dovey? Indoor Sky Dive. That’s what! Airkix in Milton Keynes provides the perfect gift for any adrenaline junkie lovers or just a couple who like to do things a bit different! You can buy a couples indoor skydive from £49.99pp which includes a solo flight each and one joint couples flight. After all, nothing screams ‘I love you’ like hovering over a wind tunnel, dressed head to toe in a bright shell suit, with your cheeks flapping from the G Force! Sexy.

If heart-pumping days out are a little out of your comfort zone, but you want to dazzle your date with something personal and unique, why not putting together a scrap book of all your photos and memories of the time you’ve been together? If you are the creative kind and have the spare time, you can head to a craft shop and really go to town with decorations and cute quotes, photographs, tickets, memories and cards. A great hint… leave a few pages at the back of the book blank, this way you can continue to add to your scrap book the longer the relationship progresses! However, if you barely scraped a pass at GCSE Art and wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to binding your most personal memories, there is a saving grace! You can upload all of your photos and memories to a website and they can create amazing photo gifts for you, including albums, scrap books, mugs, canvases and posters. You can even have your partners face on a mouse mat! Try sites like and for these amazing photographical ideas!

When it comes to the rules of love, and especially the etiquette of Valentine’s Day, there really are no wrongs or rights. If you’re lucky enough to have a special someone this February then don’t just settle for the ordinary! Put your thinking cap on, get creative, and wow your date with a gift a little more than just a teddy bear. Roses are red, violets are blue, impress her on Valentine’s, and enjoy what’s in store for you!


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