The Five Kinds of People Who Ruin Valentine’s Day

Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, it’s supposed to be a time to show the one you love just how much you care. However, there are some people who not only sabotage it for themselves, but they ruin it for everyone around them too.


The Valentine’s Day Show-off

Valentine’s Day is a day for couples, not a day to fill up Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and whatever other social network you happen to be on with pictures and messages of your amazing day. Enjoy yourself. But there’s no need to shove it in everyone else’s face. Not everyone will have Valentine.

I’ve always believed that if you’re having so much fun, you wouldn’t have time to post your millions of soppy photos online. Also, why post “I love my snuggle-honey-bunny so much!” online when presumably they’re sitting next to you on your oh-so romantic day?


The “It’s Just a Corporate Holiday” Kill-Joy

You don’t have to go along with the ‘corporate holiday crap’ if you don’t want to. But that doesn’t mean that you have to ruin it for your other half by making a pointless anti-valentine stand. Ditch the card, the chocolates and the flowers and do something that’s meaningful to you and your partner.


The “I Hate Valentine’s Day” Ranter

Not to be mistaken for ‘The “It’s Just a Corporate Holiday” Kill-Joy’, you know you’re just saying it because you’re alone. Sorry to be harsh, but not everyone will have a Valentine every year. That’s just how it is.

You may think it feels good to rant (we’ve all done it). But people will only take it as you being bitter and a) ignore you, or b) feel sorry for you. You don’t need either.

So chill out and go find something completely non-valentines-related to do. If you hate it that much just pretend it doesn’t exist. That means you may want to give social media a swerve for a day though (see The Valentine’s Day Show-off).


The “I Need a Date” Whiner

I couldn’t think of anything worse than being set up on a date for Valentine’s Day. You may be feeling lonely, or maybe you just don’t want your friends to take pity on ‘poor single you’. But you were happy being single last month, so why does one day have to change it all? Or if you weren’t happy, do you really think a desperate date is going to make a difference?

I’m sure many people in unhappy relationships would kill to be in your position. Wouldn’t you rather be single or in a bad relationship? Exactly!


The “Sorry I Forgot” Guy (or girl)

One day a year, the same exact date every year – that’s February 14th if you’re still not getting it. Look on any calendar, or shop windows have the first signs of Valentine’s Day around the end of January.

If you think you’re still going to forget the date just pick up a card and write it in advance. Put it somewhere safe, or just keep it in your bag. It’s not that hard, seriously.


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