Creative Date Ideas

Sick of dinner and a movie every weekend? So are we. Take a note of all the things you could be getting up to this weekend instead of trying to kiss your date after another mind – numbing trip to see a Marvel movie. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the dating game or you’re a trained veteran.


Forbidden Planet

This is a highly unconventional date – those familiar with the two storey mecca of all things comic book, graphic novel, sci-fi and fantasy related. It makes as a gallery of millions of back dated and new release comics and a paradise for those trying to find something new to feast upon in the scene. There’s even an ‘adult’ section filled with photography and memorabilia to indulge in as well as the section on the first floor which provides visitors with predominantly horror, fantasy and sci-fi novels of all types from unknown authors with great unread gems to the likes of Neil Gaiman and Stephen King.

Why is it an ideal place to bring a date? It’s non gender specific. Contrary to popular belief comic books, manga, cult classic games and merchandise are not just the stuff of adolescent male dreams. It’s a great place to take someone.


Catch a lecture at UCL

There are tonnes of lectures that go on every month at universities, including UCL which has many interesting topics of discussion going on. From evening and day lectures on Mummification to discussions on art, film and the philosophy of life, there’s something to suit everyone and it can always lead to a great conversation after and you can look up lectures at nearby/local universities to see which free or general admission lectures are taking place.


Cocktail making classes

There are so many places hosting cocktail making classes in bar’s like central London’s ‘Revolutions’ and its open to everyone over the age of 18.


Ad-Hoc Fitness Classes

If you’re more of a fitness fanatic and you know you’re date would prefer you did something active, you should check with your local gym whether or not they allow people to access their classes/facilities on a pay-as-you-go basis. So you could spend your date sparring in the ring, sweating it out in a spinning class or getting into some salsa!


Free or Cheap Theatre Shows 

You’d be surprised at how many local theatres and galleries there might be near you. One way to find out is by clicking on: and simply running a search for local exhibitions, galleries and museums. There are many smaller venues such as The Richmix, Whitechapel Gallery and The Museum of Childhood.


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