Visiting the Venice of the North

Travel is a gift many are unable to ignore, suited to those with restless feet and the desire to learn of new cultures, traditions and worlds. Amsterdam, or the Venice of the North, is a popular destination – and here’s why.


Why Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a great option for those looking for the best of both worlds. The area encompasses a picturesque and culture filled city, complete with an envious restaurant scene, a handful of enthralling museums and a patchwork of wonderful canals.


A combination of old and new

Amsterdam is posh, on-trend and beautiful all at the same time. It’s an ideal option for those searching for a little repose and exploration. From its ancient lures to its pleasing climate, every inch of this city makes for an indulging stopover.

It’s here that you’ll find real entertainment, fine food, an incredibly organised transport system and a variety of quirky accommodation options. In fact, those looking for hotels in Amsterdam may do well to check out the many options available.


Travelling around

Asides from the ambling trams, hiring a bicycle is the best way to get around. This option will give you the freedom to travel at your own pace, stopping off as and when you please. The city is awash with both tourists and locals on bikes and finding somewhere to hire a bike from couldn’t be easier.


Must-sees in Amsterdam

The city is steeped in culture and because of this, Amsterdam is home to an abundance of must-see attractions. One of the city’s major lures is its impressive architecture.

The 17th century golden era design of the city is shaped in a horseshoe. The city appears to be surrounded by over 400 bridges, which lead over a number of ordered, semi-circular canals.

Regardless of whether you take a bike, a boat or use your own two feet, a trip to the Anne Frank House is a must. Other famous attractions include Rijks Museum, Rembrant House, the Royal Mansion and of course, the celebrated Van Gogh Museum.


Dining in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is often described as a foodie’s paradise. City centre restaurants boast a menu of everything from simple ham and sausages to Thai cuisine. Amsterdam is celebrated for its white beer (witbier), with varieties including Hoegaarden and Dentergems flowing freely at a number of the region’s bars and eateries.



For those who fancy indulging in a little retail therapy, a trip to one of the main shopping areas is highly recommended. You’ll be able to source everything from fresh produce to fashion essentials and flowers at Leidsestraat, Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk.

When you tire of shopping, take a trip to the city’s famous Hagendaaz café – a treat for those with a sweet tooth.


The Red Light District

A trip to this city wouldn’t be complete without a journey through the famous Red Light District. From brothels to museums, this particular part of Amsterdam leaves little to the imagination.

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