Does it really matter how much you weigh ?

I am sure some time during your lifetime you have been tempted to try a diet in hopes of loosing weight.

Whether it’s to get that amazing summer body , getting ready for your big day so you can squeeze into that amazing dress, or just simply for health reasons.

Being a student I constantly hear my friends talking about the numerous diets out there and how they were going to help them lose all their unwanted fatty bits. But I can’t help wonder do they really work or is it just the case of people not being persistent enough and giving up too early.

I personally have not tried dieting however I have tried the different exercises available on the Internet as well as the countless amounts of sports classes. But my biggest question is does it really matter how much we weigh and are we dieting for the right reasons, or is because of the pressure from the media that is put on us to look good all the time.

I don’t know about you , but there isn’t a single time were I have read a magazine, newspaper or watched a television programme were I haven’t seen celebrities or people with perfect tiny figures. It’s rare these days were you see someone overweight or of what would have been considered a healthy weight years ago, to be shown on television except if they are showing them on a loosing weight programme.

I feel like the message that is constantly being sent out by the media is being skinny automatically makes you beautiful and gives you access to a better life in general. But this isn’t the case for everyone as you constantly come across people that have been immensely effected by this in a negative way.

Since the first time the craze of size 6,4 and 0 came out , I couldn’t help but notice the rise of young girls being so influenced by this and turning it into a health problem leading to extreme cases like anorexia.

Just last week my cousin who’s wedding is coming up soon, was telling me about a new diet she is trying out to fit into her wedding dress. Despite her being a healthy size 10 she wants to try and narrow this to a size 6. I couldn’t help but ask why she felt the need to downside by a significant amount.

Her answer shocked me ” who wants to get married looking fat” I couldn’t believe that in today’s society a healthy weight is now considered overweight.

To conclude I personally don’t believe weight should matter except for medical purposes, if you are happy with yourself then that’s all that matters.


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