5 books to read after finishing Fifty Shades of Grey

A lot of us are having withdrawals after finishing  Fifty Shades of Grey and are waiting for the film to make it’s debut in 2015. If you’re looking for your fix of dominant, wealthy, playboys, then look no further. These five books are perfect for those of you who are looking for something similar.


1. Sylvia Day’s ‘Crossfire’ Trilogy)

This is a series of 3 books that follows the lives of Eva Tramell an ambitious and career driven girl who has just started working  for a Marketing firm in New York. She stumbles across Gideon Cross, the millionaire man who happens to own the building she works in and the one she lives in. Gideon Cross is an attractive yet dark self-made millionaire who sets out on pursuing Eva after discovering their immense sexual attraction in a run-in in the Crossfire Building. They both have secrets an dark pasts that cause a lot of problems through out the series but it in the end always brings them back together.


2. Jamie McGuire’s  ‘Beautiful Disaster’

This book is about two college students, innocent Abby Abernathy and Travis ‘Mad Dog’ Maddox (The nickname speaks for itself.) Abby finds herself in a predicament when the boilers in her dormitory has broken down and her and her best friend, America have move into her boyfriend’s apartment. This where Abby and Travis start to form a relationship but Abby and Travis are complete opposites, Abby is a sweet and shy girl whilst Travis is a temperamental man-whore who is known around the campus for his fighting skills and his looks. After meeting Abby he vows to change so he can be with Abby but Abby of course if skeptical.


3. R.K. Liley’s ‘Up In The Air’ (Trilogy)

Up  In The Air follows a very similar plot as Fifty Shades of Grey but is different from the book in all the right parts. Bianca is a formerly homeless Flight Hostess with a dark past who lives in Las Vegas and  meets James Cavendash a wealthy hotel owner with an equally dark past whilst working in first-class. Bianca’s past has left her resistant to fall for most men’s charms but James has a very compelling affect on her. If you like the erotic elements of Fifty Shades of Grey then this is the right book for you.


4. Sylvain Reynard’s ‘Gabriel’s Inferno’ (Trilogy)

Julianne Mitchell is a timid but intelligent graduate student at the University of Toronto who finds herself in a very unorthodox and dangerous relationship with her professor, Gabrielle Emerson. Gabrielle is a no nonsense, attractive man who finds himself walking tight ropes trying to maintain his relationship with the innocent Julianne who is ten years her senior. This series is for those readers who are more appreciative of the Romeo and Juliet type story lines and the series are never short of historical references.


5. Jodie Ellen Malpas’ ‘This Man’ (Trilogy)

Last but not least; ‘This Man’. This book also follows a similar story line to Fifty Shades of Grey but is roughly ten times more intense. Ava O’shea is a successful interior designer living in London who meets Jessie Ward; a very rich ‘playboy’. Upon meeting Ava, he makes it his mission to be with her and he doesn’t really leave her any choice hounding her until she finally gives in. Jesse is hiding  a lot of things like his past, his age and his occupation which causes a lot of problems for the pair. Jesse is afraid that revealing himself to Ava will cause to run for the hills. Despite everything Ava still falls for Jesse and slowly begins to find out more and more about him throughout the series.

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