Forgotten Friendships

If you love your friends as much as I do, then keep reading.

As I near the end of my first year at university, it feels kind of surreal. Time has gone by so quickly since sixth form, but everything in life is supposed to change as we grow up and find our own path in life isn’t it?

Moving quite far away from home it was hard to think about how far away my friends were, and I would refrain from doing so as it would bring back all the great memories that we shared and that would make me a little sad. I suppose the message that I am trying to portray is that everyone grows and they each become closer or distant people in our lives.

How is it that people I used to see everyday become people I now see three times a year between September and the Summer?

Do we, ourselves have to make the sole effort to keep in touch or should we only keep in touch with those who want keep in touch with ourselves? Since birth, we are taught that certain friendships will last forever, no matter how far away from each other we may be. Friendship is defined as ‘a mutual affection’ so both people have the equal responsibility to keep a friendship alive, no matter how far away. It could be one mile or three hundred miles  but the bonds that we all make with our own friends are unique and they can never be replaced.

People may come and go, stay close to home or move far away, but they will still be there and when we are reunited, it is like nothing ever changed.


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