Drake: Are you in his zone?

I’m the type of person who gives others a chance but when it comes to Drake, I struggle. I get how good he is when it comes to putting together lyrics that capture a global generation who have gone through or are going through the same things. My problem is that he sounds like the type who can’t move on and I haven’t heard a song of his yet that would inspire anyone to do the same.

There is no doubt that the man can rap but I’ve never heard a rap artist sound so stuck on the past. He speaks in ways that others find hard, the truth, which is commendable as there are many men who would prefer to keep these thoughts private and to preserve a preconceived masculine persona. Hats off to Drake for being their mouth piece but now, it seems, that this never changing dialogue is having an adverse effect.

Friend zone is one thing, but now, through this multi award-winning rap artist we have Drake zone. Drake zone may seem sweet to a lot of girls at first but it soon becomes clear that we have misunderstood the initial sensitivity and thought we were drawn to.  Drake focuses on what he had, how he lost it and perhaps without realising, has guarded himself so that nothing good will come his way; not for a long time.

His tone is similar to that of moaning, that’s what it sounds like to girls who would be the perfect match for him, only they don’t want to constantly hear about how someone else had gone and left him. A master in his career yet he hasn’t mastered the simple idea of letting go. There will be many that don’t agree with me and will tell me to listen to some of his other work, that isn’t the work that bothers me though.

If he was to truly represent, I believe we will see a side that will blow us all away. Lyrics that will change how, if it matters, what we think of him and give a generation of male listeners some hope where it was once lost.

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