First trailer for Gotham TV show is here

We knew it would happen sooner or later when Marvel launched their TV spinoff Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. (does anyone watch this anymore?) last year.

This week Fox released their first trailer for Gotham, the series that will follow a young detective Jim Gordon in a decaying, crime ridden city before the knight in black armour had grown into his cape.

Watch the trailer from Fox here.

From what we see, the series seems to wisely have adapted the same serious and melancholy tone as Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. With Gordon’s apparent boss, Detective Harvey Bullock, screaming “We’re at war,” right before we get a shot of the infamous murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, we can tell that this isn’t going to be a light-hearted affair.

British Bruno Heller who co-created Rome and The Mentalist is writing and producing this show, so maybe it’s not so strange that you can’t help but re-watch the two minute trailer, over and over again.

The casting choice of Ben McKenzie as our leading man is interesting. McKenzie showed us that he could do a good “cop” on Southland but stepping into the shoes of Jim Gordon is something different. From what the trailer shows us though, he will have no problem taking over the famous role.

This two minute trailer gives us everything we can demand from this type of show. There’s violence, heart, darkness and familiar faces, even if they are all freakishly young.

Gotham will air in the US on Fox this autumn but there’s yet no UK date confirmed.

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