Butt implants US v UK

Butt implants and butt lifts are becoming more and more popular thanks to the popularity of celebrities famous for their ample derrières, like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and of course the original big-bottomed diva, J.Lo. The procedures might not be as popular in the UK as they are in the US, where 10,000 butt procedures were carried out last year according to The Huffington Post, but they are definitely on the increase.

The Daily Mail reported that last year, a Harley Street clinic saw a triple increase in the number of women undergoing a procedure that involves having fat injected into the buttocks that has been taken from elsewhere in the body. The procedure gives women a fuller bottom and emulates the curvy look of celebrities like Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian, who often post photos of their big behinds on their Instagram accounts.

A doctor from the clinic told The Daily Mail that, out of all the fat transfer procedures he performed in 2013, almost 20% were carried out to the buttocks compared with 11% the previous year. It’s not just fat transfer procedures that are on the increase either- bum implants are also gaining in popularity. Bum implants are similar to breast implants, sacks of gel are inserted into the buttocks to create a fuller and perkier appearance.

More and more celebrities are admitting to having had butt implants inserted which is perhaps why they are becoming more popular as it seems like a more normal, common operation. Ex-Sugababes singer Mutya Buena spoke out about her bum implants and told The Daily Mail:

“Everyone’s got it in the US and Brazil. I just wanted it a bit perkier.”

Butt implants and lifts – where the bum cheeks are raised to look higher, like a breast lift- are certainly more popular in the UK than they ever have been, but the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the this country is still breast augmentation. This infographic from MYA shows how breast augmentation was marginally the most common procedure they performed last year, followed by rhinoplasty.

Up until a couple of years ago, butt implants were almost unheard of in the UK. Now they are steadily rising in popularity and perhaps one day they will be as common here as they are in the US.

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