Six Cool Places to Visit in Malaysia

The country of Malaysia is divided into two distinct parts: the Malaysian peninsula and the eastern part of the island of Borneo. Separated by vast amounts of water, these divisions can’t be more different from each other. The peninsula boasts efficient modernity while the island features thick jungle, rare animals, and outstanding coral reefs.

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So long overdue here’s a list of places you can visit to maximise the country’s incredible diversity.


The Petronas Twin Towers

It’s always best to start an adventure by visiting the most iconic place around and in Malaysia’s case, it’s the Petronas Twin Towers located in the country’s capital of Kuala Lumpur. Measuring up to 451.9 meters high, these twin towers dwarf all other buildings surrounding it, making it the tallest twin skyscrapers in the world. Why not take your picture with the Petronas Twin Towers in the background? That’ll surely make for one memorable souvenir!


George Town

In 2008, UNESCO bestowed its most prestigious award to George Town, a historical town located in the island of Penang. Originally named after King George III by British colonists, George Town’s is a picture of a charm and nostalgia with its perfectly preserved colonial architecture and townscape. Even the foods you’ll see there have been passed from generation to generation! One thing’s for sure: you won’t see anything like this anywhere in Southeast Asia.




No, I’m not kidding! In Malaysia you can find the LEGOLAND theme park, whose main attraction – aside from its first-class rides that caters to people of all ages – is the MINILAND, a creative display of miniature models of Asia’s most popular landmarks made with, that’s right… you’ve guest it… LEGO bricks! An estimate of 30 million LEGO bricks were used to create all the displays in MINILAND. Amazing, isn’t it?


Sarawak Cultural Village

Get to know the rich, beautiful, and diverse culture that comprises ethnic Malaysia by visiting the Sarawak Cultural Village – a one-of-a-kind living museum that can be found at the foot of the great and majestic Mount Santubong. Here you will find a wide array of costumes and crafts that describe the lifestyle and tradition of Malaysia’s various ethnic groups.


Melaka City

The quiet and rustic city of Melaka is also considered (and protected) by UNESCO as a World Heritage City. Located near the sea, the city used to be Malaysia’s center of trade by way of sea. Here, ships from India, China, and even the Arabic countries docked in order to trade not just products such as silk, spices, and porcelain, but also culture, language, and religion as well. Today, Melaka City contains most of Malaysia’s historical landmarks and buildings.

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