Elle the Film Nerd: “The Other Woman”.

Okay, so this week I went to see… ‘THE OTHER WOMAN’ – Rating: 8/10!

So what’s it all about? It’s the most simplest storyline that you could imagine, but that’s what I love about it! Basically, there’s a cheating husband who has an affair on his wife (okay, multiple affairs) with “mistresses” and basically BAD THINGS happen to him when they all find out. It’s hilarious. It’s also given me ideas for any man that even tries to cheat on me, ha!

Some more deets:

The storyline was good. The way I’d describe it was very much like ‘John Tucker Must Die’ – but an older version! This one isn’t set in a schooling environment but just general life. I felt that the story started off very slowly; I was awaiting a BIG BANG which never really arrived. Alternatively, it was an hilarious storyline and I was pretty much laughing the ENTIRE way through. So, if you’re after a trashy chick flick? Or you’re angry at your man – or cheating ex? You’ll LOVE this storyline.

Characters? Leslie Mann is the shining star in this movie. This woman will make you fall off your chair laughing! She absorbs the essence of the character so brilliantly, you forget that it’s even her! You actually walk away thinking, “Hmm… I wouldn’t mind a friend like her!” Cameron Diaz, is Cameron Diaz. She’s good too but I think Mann takes the spotlight. HOWEVER, when she comes on screen with that curly blonde hair of hers, I get super jealous! And…. Kate Upton. You’ll simply love this girl for her body! I hate that I love it as she makes me look like a beach whale! However, Upton’s character is loveable too. You’ll love these girls without a shadow of a doubt and you’ll also hate Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays the cheating, sexy man!

The setting? If you love beaches, sunshine and relaxing oceans? Then you’ll be super jealous of this film because they are EVERYWHERE. The setting actually reminds me of ‘Southport’ from the movie ‘Save Haven’. I really want to move there!

My thoughts overall? I would not purchase this movie on its day of release. Instead, it’d be a movie that I forget about, wait until it goes dramatically down in price and then I’d buy it as a personal treat! However, it would be a film I’d choose to match that ice cream tub and horrid feeling of being dumped or during those swinging PMS moods. I think everyone will have a different opinion on this one; do comment if you’ve seen it!

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