How getting online can help keep the elderly healthy

The technology industry is booming and it isn’t just youngsters that are arming themselves with all the latest gadgets. According to recent surveys, 70% of the over 60s population own a laptop, 50% own a tablet and 50% own a smartphone. This is a hefty increase from 2009 stats from the ONS which indicated that only 30% of the target age group had been online in the last three months. While it’s all too easy to smile and say “bless them”, these perceptive pensioners are actually treating themselves to all sorts of health benefits! What are they? Read on for our top five reasons why surfing the net can help older souls stay happy, healthy and at their prime.


  • Makes shopping easy

One of the major universal benefits of getting online is the ease of shopping that it offers. Over 60s are no different from the rest of us, with 35% of surveyed respondents naming shopping as the primary reason for plugging in their devices. While the younger generation may see online shopping as a broad and cost effective form of consumption, for members of the older demographic it helps to minimise physical demands which can prevent falls, slips and other common injuries associated with old age.


  • Offers a form of social interaction

Loneliness is a widely recognised issue amongst the aging population who tend to become less socially active as the years tick by. By equipping themselves with digital devices, over 60s are actively fighting ageing isolation, with 65% of survey participants admitting to possessing a Facebook account.


  • Provides news updates

Rather than potter down to the local corner shop and spend much needed pension money on newspapers, more and more over 60s are turning to the internet to get their daily dose of instant news and updates. With high performance laptops and ultrabooks now at reasonable prices, it’s no surprise that the elderly are getting up to speed. The Kira ultrabook from Toshiba is the ultimate in streamlined sophistication, its lightweight design, bright display and user friendly Windows 8.1 software ensuring that tech savvy old-timers receive the best possible web surfing experience on the market. Other big technology brands like Lenovo and Intel have also made their own high tech ultrabooks.


  • Fights depression

It’s been scientifically proven! Recent studies conducted by the NHS have confirmed that over 60s who engage in internet usage on a regular basis are 30% less likely to experience feelings of depression. If this isn’t a guilt free excuse to get online then what is?


  • Offsets Alzheimer’s

As well as battling the blues, scientists from the University of California found that regular internet usage is associated with elderly people who are capable of combating early signs of Alzheimer’s.


From revolutionising the face of the weekly shopping run, to battling the onset of society’s most trying cognitive disease, getting the elderly online has an extended array of benefits. Rapid technological advancement has made the ownership of digital devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones more affordable than ever. As a result, the time for age ripened senior citizens to get online and reap the benefits of the digital age has never been more forthcoming!

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