Father’s Day – more than just gift-giving

I have come to realise over the past year or so that a bond between a father and daughter can never truly be broken. No matter what happens, with whoever, wherever, a father and daughter will always have a bond to share, as long as they’ve had the foundations of a relationship in the first place.

The memories I have of the time spent with my Dad over the past seventeen years or so, could never be replaced with anything, anyone or by any means.

So, Father’s day is approaching; daughters, I urge you to reconcile this bond you quite possibly once shared with your Dad – he is after all, the man who has and will continue to protect you profusely. However, don’t just do this for the day or the occasion, keep this bond for as long as possible. Your father is the one man in your life who will always be connected to you, always.

Furthermore, sons of the world, it may be awkward to give your dad a hug, and say ‘I love you’ but why not just try sharing a moment together. Are you more interested in books than sports?  Maybe just once, enjoy watching a game of sports with him? And if you find it is something that you could bare, maybe you could do it again on a different occasion and maybe he’ll return the favour.

The point isn’t to just bring children and parents together – well it is, but it’s really about realising just the lengths that your parents would go to in order to protect you because you are the single most important thing in their lives. This is something which I learnt very recently and will never forget.

Parents never give up on you, and you should never give up on them.

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