Young Stars as Role Models

There has been much debate as to whether people in the public eye make for good role models since fame consumes each and every person involved within the industry. However, young stars are the topic of discussion in recent weeks due to drug taking incidents and racist remarks, so we can only turn to the mentors of these young people and question whether they are doing their job properly. Are they being led in the right direction and told how to act? Is the aim to cause controversy for publicity or get rid of their angelic former selves? I don’t know but it seems to be getting worse every year with another young star throwing not only their career but sometimes their life away.

Just look at the likes of Amy Winehouse who was a massive talent in the music industry and she went and blew it all on drink and drugs. There are so many more like her who are sadly even younger and just haven’t been given the right guidance and let the fame get to them. For example, Justin Bieber disappointed many fans by turning up late to his own concert and not apologising, had run ins with the police and was also deported from America. It’s shocking for someone of the age of only 20 to have managed this all which not only affects himself but his massive fan base who have the power to end his career if the support falters.

Another recent example is Miley Cyrus. Beginning as a Disney star then transported into the world of pop stardom, this young girl was subjected to the cruel media who taunted and tormented her to the point of extreme dieting and drug taking that eventually resulted in a raunchy performance with Robin Thicke live on TV. This should tell us that the media are way too manipulative over body image and are also part of the downfall of these young stars. It has to stop. Cyrus has carried on with a new, rebellious image as an act of defiance against her Disney days but it’s only a matter of time before this whole façade comes tumbling down and she ends up like Amy Winehouse and so many other treasured stars we have come to love.

Then we have the most recent and arguably most famous of examples. It’s only One Direction. Now I am in no way a fan so I will try not to be incredibly biased but they really don’t know how to handle the fame. Now whether this is down to bad mentoring or not, this band obviously love the fame and attention they are getting which might be proving too much for them. Two of the members were caught smoking weed on video which is setting what sort of example for their young fans? Especially those young enough to be innocent to not even know what that drug is! I find it outrageous personally but what makes it worse is the fact one member was caught being racist as well. This is yet another thing I cannot stand.

Why do stars think they have the right to say exactly what they please? Just because they are famous and have lots of money doesn’t mean they are actually above everyone else and doesn’t mean they can be racist either. It’s disgusting behaviour that has also been used by TV stars and footballers alike. It does not make you cool or funny or whatever it is they want to achieve by using those words. It will only end up ruining your career.

That just about sums up why young stars are going off the rails nowadays. Basically, our media is way too powerful and young people are given everything they want too soon. They need to be brought up properly with morals and learn they can’t have everything they want. If they are to venture into the world of stardom, guidance should be enforced straightaway and boundaries should be set on exposure and expected behaviour of the young star. Think about the people we are producing and the examples we are setting, one mistake can lead to a lifetime of torment. It doesn’t seem like so much of a dream career now does it?

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