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There are few things quite as satisfying as sitting down to an extended gaming session filled with fun, excitement and adrenaline. Unfortunately, however, your other half might not feel the same way.  If you’re an avid gamer, but your girlfriend just doesn’t dig the virtual, why not tempt her with some of our top game picks for girl? Rather than being centred around stereotypical lads games touting guns, cars and gangsters, these creations are a little more female-friendly and will have your girlfriend hooked on gaming in no time at all.


Tomb Raider 

What better way to introduce your beloved to the world of gaming than with a little girl power? Lara Croft is the ultimate strong, sexy and empowered heroine and is guaranteed to appeal to tomboy types and sassy gals alike. The PS4 and XBOX ONE narratives follow Lara’s life from an innocent young girl to a tough survivor and play out in an all-new island scenario. From salvaging resources to refining new skills and upgrading weapons, players must fight to survive in the island’s hostile environment.

You can pick Lara up online or at your local Asda.


Mario Kart 8

Let’s face it, everyone loves Mario Kart and so will your girlfriend! Scheduled for release later this month, Mario Kart 8 for Wii features all the iconic characters from across the beloved Mario franchise. Racing is redefined with an inventory of thrilling tracks that stretch throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Whether your girlfriend wants to fly solo or activate the 12-player online competitive play feature, chances are you may have a tough time dragging her away from the TV.

Race down the high-street or online to pre-order a copy at GAME and grab yourself a free Super Mario Kart Racing Wheel.


Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl

If your girlfriend is all about female empowerment, she will love the latestEtrian Odyssey experience from Atlas Games. Available on Nintendo 3DS, players are treated to a captivating storyline that unravels the origins of the Yggdrasil Tree. This Japanese role-playing game has received widespread recognition from around the globe and is certain to captivate the imagination of your loved one.

In stock on for £29.86.


Rayman Legends 

Good old Rayman. At the very least your girlfriend’s face will light up as she reminisces about a childhood spent playing Rayman on the old family PC. As great as that was, modern day Rayman has upped the ante big time and takes players on an epic 3D adventure into the next generation of gaming. Rayman is a timeless classic that will undoubtedly continue to delight players of all ages and genders for years to come.

Available on all classic and next gen platforms at GAME.



Whoever said video games had to involve sitting down and staying still? The fabulous range of Singstar products for PS3 and PS4 will have your girlfriend strutting around the room belting out all her favourite tunes. Whether she’s a lover of 80’s rock, modern pop or Motown blues, there is a Singstar genre out there for her.

Grab some mics off Amazon and sing until your hearts content or the window break.


Next time you hit the online game store, spare a thought for your gorgeous girlfriend and treat her to one of these fantastic products.

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