Why do People Cheat in Relationships?


Everyone knows by now that the cheating and affairs statistics are higher than they have ever been before. Some may think this is because of gaining an attitude of “I can do whatever I want” due to the times that have changed and the huge number of people on the planet. There are so many people readily available on places like Tinder, Ashley Madison (a site that allows people to meet who want to have affairs), and even Facebook. Why should you only have one person if you can literally have as many as you want? It’s like the value that relationships used to have for people have greatly decreased.

There are a few solid, researched reasons of why people cheat on each other. A big one is the idea that getting married or being in a relationship will make you happy. This is not true, it can only make you happier. If you were unhappy all the time before the relationship, you will be unhappy in the relationship. If you think the person you’re with is supposed to make you happy, you’ll be disappointed because it doesn’t work like that… and eventually go and look for that happiness in the arms of another. Cheating also occurs when people in a relationship are feeling unappreciated and emotionally neglected. This is when the relationship is in a bad place and the couple barely even talk to each other anymore. This constant feeling of emotional neglect drives people to cheat. There is almost always an emotional connection between the person who cheats and the other person when the physical act of cheating occurs. This emotional connection is attempting to compensate for the emotional neglect the person is feeling in their own relationship.

There are many other reasons of why people cheat on each other, like the novelty and excitement it brings them.

The best thing to do to avoid cheating in your relationship is to keep a strong, emotional bond with your partner at all times. Don’t do things that you know will hurt them just because you’re angry. It is very important that both participants regularly and positively communicate their feelings to the other person. Don’t neglect your partner or take them for granted for even one day in the relationship. You have to take care of the bond you have, make it stronger, and keep working on it. If you neglect the little things, big consequences might follow.

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