The Mojo Fins: ‘Circa’ review

Having not heard of Brighton-based band ‘The Mojo Fins’ before being contacted to review their latest musical offering I wasn’t sure what to expect.  With a name as ambiguous as my mind’s interpretation of it I was pleasantly surprised to be met with an album of catchy, upbeat songs with clear strands of flair and talent.

With versatility in their sound I was especially struck by the Eastern influences of ‘Black Sun’ which made a refreshing contrast to the rest of the record.  The album is packed with beautiful vocals from Brett which are shown to their highest quality in ‘Friends’ – possibly my favourite track of the record, it is filled with emotion and the soft melodic guitar of so many of the artists I love.  ‘White Heart Beats’ is uplifting, the mimicking drumbeat gives this track its motivational and ‘human’ feel and provides an interesting contrast when moving on from ‘Friends’; it is full of depth and the raw drum beat is perfect for the track.

I have to say this album gets better as you progress further into it, I feel the last three tracks are amazing, I prefer the more uplifting feel of these finishing tracks.  The lead track ‘Introverts’ is powerful and exciting and makes a great starting place for Circa, it builds throughout into a rousing ending which by being layered with sound effects as well as the band’s instruments creates a great track which could fill any space.

Overall I feel this is a promising album with some great stand-out tracks.  I would pay particular attention to the lead track ‘Introverts’ and the final three of ‘Friends’, ‘White Heart Beats’ and ‘Hands of Flashing Light’.  This album shows a great versatile nature to The Mojo Fins and as long as you enjoy alternative rock this album is definitely worth consideration and a good long listen.

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