Yuppee says “Tickle Me” with new bingo lingo video

From children to adults, the act of tickling is something we can’t deny but enjoy. Whether you’re the poor ticklish soul made to thrash about in laughter or the tickler responsible for causing the outburst, there is an innocent enjoyment which can be taken from the act of tickling and here at Yuppee we’re keen to show our support for tickling!

In fact, we’re so proud that we wanted to say “tickle me” to the world and share this fantastic clip with you:

The video is part of an ongoing bingo campaign which will document all 90 bingo calls in 90 videos over a series of weeks. Many of the clips are already live on YouTube – where they will all be published at the end of the campaign – and they’re great fun to watch.

In the Tickle Me video (for number 63) you see a familiar sight of someone being tickled and struggling to contain their laughter. We’ve all been there – allowing us to relate to the video and providing a great cue to help us remember this bingo call.

The whole point of the videos is to teach us all 90 bingo calls so that we’re up to speed with the bingo lingo and we can’t wait to see what other gems go online before the end of the campaign. The videos have been organised by Costa Bingo but filmed by people like you and me so they have a really authentic edge to them.

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