Can football start a war?


I was born in a country who simply loves football. Supporters are really in love with their club. Newborns are listed in the club almost before getting their national document. That is the level of football fever.

And, as a test of how deep fanatism is, I can not avoid to remark that my country is a finalist of the World Cup (when the time I am writing we are to days ahead of the final match). Excitement is everywhere! The country was paralysed during the previous games and now the tension is in the air.

I feel that as part of the culture and, in a certain way, I am proud of that. Jokes at the social network are part of this “folklore” showing creativity. But, on the other hand, fanatism is not always good. How far can it reach? A simple joke can lead to verbal abuse, racism, discrimination and violence.

The masses forget this is just a game and the rivalry that started inside the stadium goes out and once outside… war is imminent. Insults, assaults, heavy damages to shops and parked cars are some of the behaviours that need to be avoided in order to prevent deaths.

As a kind of challenge I propose to enjoy the game, to support the team (I deeply wan to to see my country rising the cup!) and to express all the passion respecting the other teams and without making fun of anyone. Would it be so hard?

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