Visit Bristol – Atomic Burger

If you like burgers – you will love Atomic Burger. Clichéd, but true!

When most people visit a city they stick to what they see in the visitor’s brochures, so basically the town centre where the commercial shops and restaurants are all together under one big modern roof. As a ‘Bristol born and bred’ I’m telling you to venture out when it’s that important time of the day – food time. As much as I love the centre point shopping centre – Cabot Circus- and the unique Park Street situated next to College Green is undoubtedly my favourite place, but it’s often the smaller, lesser known places which you’ll remember the most (if you find them).

The small restaurant is located on the eccentric Gloucester Road, a never ending street full of coffee shops, record stores, pubs and independent shops selling clothes, art and organic food. Think of it as the ‘indie’ area of the city. It’s only a short bus ride, or very long walk, from the town centre. The bright authentic grass surrounded by white, wooden fence is what to look out for to know you’ve got the right place. Whilst it doesn’t look like much on the outside, the interior is where the uniqueness comes alive. The walls are decorated with everyone’s favourite TV and film characters, from Spiderman, the Flintstones, Ghostbusters, and one whole wall of a scene your teenage self will be too familiar with – a space invaders game. And who needs chandeliers hanging above you whilst you eat, when you can have Barbie dolls, a Tardis, toy helicopters, the incredible hulk and batman living on the ceiling? Surrounded by decorative fairy lights and a life size ET sat on top of the fridge, you won’t help but feel happy nostalgia when you step inside.

Fittingly, the menu isn’t just any old burger menu either. Audrey Hepburn, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and Chuck Norris probably wouldn’t have expected to have a burger named after them, no matter how famous they became, but now they have… There’s an endless choice of burgers with unique fillings, including duck, pulled pork, fried egg, black beans, nachos and meatballs. Extra toppings are also available for an even more original make-your-own. I tried – and would recommend – the pizza burger, two favourites in one! This included pizza sauce, cheddar cheese, pork and beef meatballs all inside a bagel bun. A burger wouldn’t be right without a side of fries, but of course there’s going to be more on offer than just plan fires at Atomic Burger. ‘Dirty’, ‘Danger’ and ‘Trailer Park’ fries sound like a meal within themselves, topped with everything from pulled pork and onions, beef chilli and jalapenos and chicken and hot sauce, as well as the healthier option of sweet potato fries. The giant onion rings will take up half of your plate and the easily addictive coleslaw makes the perfect dip for your burger. But if it’s not a burger you’re fancying (question why are you there) then hot dogs are also available with similar fillings to the burgers.

No American themed restaurant is complete without giant milkshakes featuring on the menu. Personally I’ve never been able to fit in a milkshake or dessert whilst eating at Atomic Burger, but it looks like you get your moneys worth as the thick shakes are served in a pint milk bottle. Premium shakes include the flavours of popular American cereal Lucky Charms and the unusual but tempting to try caramelised bacon flavour! Alcoholic shakes are also available, as are boozy cream sodas. It could easily be a place to visit just for a drink with various wines and beers on sale.

Continue reliving your childhood by having jelly and ice cream for dessert, or something I’ve never seen be served anywhere else – your own mini campfire with marshmallows to roast at your table.

All burgers are around £10 with one side free and an extra can be added for £2, but they’re all so large that they are perfect to share. If you visit on your birthday then your meal is free! Also, for any brave and very hungry visitors a burger challenge is on offer, featuring two of the world’s hottest chillies…

The place proves that a restaurant isn’t just about the food, but the surroundings you’re eating in aswell. Aswell as the most filling and tasty burgers in the city, Atomic Burger is a fun experience, no doubt everyone will be looking around the walls commenting on toys they used to have. And it doesn’t just stop in the restaurant, where else would you find a customer toilet decorated with Barbie wallpaper?

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