Finding a job after University

There is a six word sentence that I have heard at least ten times over the past few weeks: ‘The first job is the hardest.’

Reassuring? I suppose, but it doesn’t make the process of finding a job after University any easier. Graduates all over the country right now will be frantically applying for jobs, after spending a few blissful weeks after University, relaxing, having fun and celebrating. You are not alone. Graduates who have completed any degree programme from History, to Business, to Engineering or Maths are beginning to panic. Well here is a good piece of advice, take a deep breath and read through these pieces of advice:

1. Make sure your CV is brilliant, outstanding, amazing etc, ask anyone that is willing to help to  look over it and give you any advice, or take it to your local job centre or to a University careers adviser.

2. Sign up to as many job sites as you possibly can, as this will not only allow easier application processes (as it saves your CV and information), but employers can find you, as well as you finding them. Job sites such as Indeed, Prospects, Cv Library and Reed are great.

3. Set yourself goals and targets, so set an aim of a number of jobs to apply for each week. This will get you motivated and you can try and beat your number of applications each week.

4. If you are lucky enough to get an interview, revise, prepare and shine with confidence. Here’s some interview advice from The Guardian.

Another piece of advice I have been hearing is that: ‘Once you have a job, it is easier to get a job.’ Once you have bagged the first job, you can relax, and expand your horizon, with more experience from a job under your belt.

Lastly, do not worry. A fantastic job will come along before you know it. Happy job hunting!

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