5 Reasons you should shop in charity shops

I love charity shops. I really do. Every time I walk past one I just have to have a look inside, I missed my train the other day because I was too busy having a good nose around. It really irks me that some people think they are above shopping in charity shops, because no one is and I can guarantee you that you’ll find an item of clothing that you’ve already got or is very similar inside one of these treasure trove type places.

For those of you who’s response to this article is, “EW I’m not wearing someone else’s clothes!” or”What if someone died in it?!”, so what if they did, haven’t you heard of a washing machine?


1. It’s good to give

This is a no brainer; buying from charity shops helps those in need. Giving old clothes to charity shops helps too! It’s a very satisfying feeling walking away from a charity shop with an absolute steal (not an actual steal, it is not OK to steal from charity) and knowing that you’ve helped someone somewhere as well.


2. Great for the environment

Recycling seems to be more in fashion these days, why not give some of your clothes to a charity that could sell them in their shop or send them to someone in another country who needs them, rather than put them in the bin just to languish in yet another landfill site? If we all shopped in charity shops, there would be less demand for new clothes, meaning less clothes being made and less energy being used to make and ship them.


3. Brilliant for your purse strings

Charity shops are cheap! I bought an amazing vintage dress in a shop the other day for under a fiver. It will probably do for work, day wear or a casual night out, so I’m getting a lot of bang for my buck. You can find your every day basics, things that you may go to Topshop for, in charity shops for half the price than on the high street. Give them a wash and they’re good as new.


4. People in charity shops are nice

I’ve always found that people in charity shops are lovely. I won’t name names but some shops that I have been in have been known to have bitchy staff who judge you if you’re not a size six and really take the fun out of shopping, just for you to get to the till where they give you their cringiest, most cakey “HI, HOW ARE YOU BABES? THIS IS SO GORGE”.

People who work in charity shops generally do so for free, they’re being nice to you for nothing!


5. Individual

For all the hipsters out there, this will definitely get you down to your nearest charity shop. I’ve found some absolute gems in charity shops and the best thing about them is that no one else will have it. No longer will you have those awkward moments when someone turns up to something wearing the same outfit as you (and in my case, wearing it better, ugh). You can customise and up cycle your buys; there are plenty of bloggers and YouTubers who buy items in charity shops and give them a new lease of life using another item  and a sewing machine. It’s fun too!


And there you have it, five reasons to shop in a charity shop!

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