From fashion designer to interior designer: why you need one

Most people would never think about plumbing in a boiler or rewiring a house themselves. These kinds of jobs take specialist knowledge that takes years to acquire. Yet when it comes to decorating your home, choosing your wardrobe or interior designs, most of us like to give it a go.

That’s why when someone wants to show off their new design scheme at home – the one they’ve done completely by themselves – more often than not you’ll be showering them with false praise and feigning enthusiasm.

While we all think we know what we want, there is an art to design that has to be learnt. Of course some people have a natural flair for colour or good taste. However, understanding what materials work together, how light can bring together a room and the effect colours can have on a design scheme are skills best left to the professionals. Here are some great reasons why hiring a designer is a great idea.


Save money

Paying a professional to design your spaces will help you to avoid costly mistakes. Do it yourself and you might choose furniture and colours that will date quickly, meaning you have to do it all again in a few years time. Besides, interior design may not cost as much as you think.


Professional budgeting and planning

Planning any kind of makeover is never easy, with numerous sequential details to get right. Do things in the wrong order and you’re left with carpet being delivered before you’ve painted the walls, or much worse. A professional designer will be experienced in project managing as well as design.



Professional designers will have spent years building up a network of contacts within the trade, and with suppliers of the best materials at the best prices. This could be invaluable in saving you money and giving you access to the best materials.



Interior designers will oversee the project and liaise with architects, builders and other contractors to ensure your project is delivered on time, and saving you the hassle of constant phone calls and misunderstandings.

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