Trans Seasonal Dressing

It’s come to that awkward time of year again when it’s no longer sunny, but still incredibly warm with a chance of rain and strong winds. Essentially a nightmare for fashionistas. Many a morning is spent looking for a stylish summer outfit only for a torrential downpour to take place by lunchtime. Of course, you weren’t to know such bi-polar weather was to occur, but everyone is judging you wearing short shorts nonetheless.

So what do you wear in this difficult in between-y period? Here are five key ways to stay stylish but tackle the ever changing climate.

  1. Cover Ups.

They’ve been big news all season and never really go off the radar during summertime; all hail the beloved kimono.  Still set to be big news for Autumn/Winter, they’re the perfect cover-up for overcast days, with high street stores bringing out kimonos in autumnal prints. For a sturdier version of the kimono, invest in a duster coat which offers a more structured style and a nod towards the omnipresent androgynous trend.

  1. Culottes

Now these really long shorts/ really short trousers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if the right pair is found they can be really flattering. Opting for a pair that sits just below the knee is best as they work well with both flat sandals and boots. Super flared culottes could almost pass for a midi skirt and they’ve proven themselves to work all year round, whatever the weather!

  1. Jumpsuits

Always a favourite when it comes to a wardrobe meltdown, jumpsuits provide all in one comfort and style. Plus when the weather is hit and miss you can be sure that you’ll still look the bee’s knees. Most jumpsuits tend to be strappy so they can be layered up or covered up on a colder day, or embraced when the sun’s out. Dungarees also fall under this category.

  1. Crop Tops

The most basic of any summer wardrobe, the crop often gets pushed aside when the sun disappears. It seems obvious but team it with anything high-waisted (skirt, trousers, shorts) and it’s good to go. This summer has been awash with crop tops coming from the 90’s trend, so consider layering them up too. Crop jumpers are also making waves on the high street, offering practicality and style. Mothers all over will be proud.

  1. Pastels

Summer fondants transcend into dusky pastels for Autumn/Winter, so not only stock up now, but continue to wear baby pinks, blues and lilacs. On sunny days, a mix of ice cream colours will look (quite literally) good enough to eat, whilst on rainy days mix pastels with grey hues and darker tones. Feeling particularly defiant against the weather? Then wear head to toe soft colours, to make a statement on a cloudy day.

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