Get over the summer blues with a new phone

Summer is just about over, we had our two weeks of sunshine in the UK, rain is back, meaning that people are feeling the summer blues – looking back and wishing we could just have that big yellow ball in our skies again.

So, how do we get over the summer blues, cheer ourselves up, and put a big smile across our face once again? We think we have the solution for you…

Contract phones on Virgin Media mobile’s network just might have the answer with some superb after summer deals lined up just as your contract is coming to an end and you start shopping around for a new, improved deal on one of the UK’s most reliable and popular networks.

Lets take a look at our top three deals that we have picked from the site that we believe represent great value for money for those seeking a bargain phone just in time for Fall.

No matter what phone you end up choosing, you can be sure to find a great deal and tailor your needs to Virgin Media – suiting both parties and resulting in a happy conclusion to your summer. Taking into account emails, social networking, taking pictures, a simple message and call phone – you will have no problem finding what you are looking for.

Apple iPhone 5C – Priced from £22 per month, the colourful 5C is Apple’s answer to those looking for a cheaper alternative to the 5S that can run up to £45 per month. The 5C comes in a range of different colours and features almost all the same features that the more expensive 5S features.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – You can pick up the Samsung from as little as £29 per month – the big Android rival to Apple and a spectacularly smooth phone with an excellent camera and features that will leave you wondering why you ever chose Apple over Samsung before.

Nokia Lumia 630 – If you thought that Apple and most Android phones had a good camera, wait until you check out the spectacular camera on the Lumia’s. Priced from a very cheap £10 per month, this is a practical phone for those looking for cheaper alternatives to the ‘big two’ – the Lumia is a friendly and well put together unit.

Of course, there are just a small selection of some of the great deals you can find with Virgin Media, no matter what you are looking for – there will be a deal that ticks all the boxes for you – and one that puts a summer smile back on your face as winter begins to rear its ugly head once again.

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