Summer Days


Summer is my favourite season, the long lazy days, festivals, my Birthday, Pimms in the park and slightly less rain. (Well we are in England). However with summer fading fast I am forced to don the tights and whack on the coat currently hibernating in my wardrobe. But before I say goodbye to Summer and hello to Winter and my mismatched wooly socks. Here is a compilation of the 6 best things about my British Summer and how dear god, I will miss it.


1) Festivals.

Even though the last festival I went to resulted in me getting a sunburn so bad I had to spend 3 days in bed, the music, the atmosphere and being given a slinky that I was told had ‘special powers’ made up for it. Yep I am definitely going again next year, showering everyday and using a proper toilet is so overrated.


2) My birthday.

This summer I had the joy of finally reaching 21, but with joy came the traumatic experience of finding my first grey hair, and later being told that I could still pass for a sixteen year old. But with the unholy amount of alcohol consumption, cake and the ‘lolz’ I got from shouting spontaneously, and completely hysterically to my friends and complete strangers that I was ’21 innit’, made up for my youthful appearance yet greying hair.


3) Not going to the library

As a student the previous months of my life were often spent in the library dismally referencing and revising. Saturday nights featured selfies with #librarybantz coined at the end. Conversations were often library centred as well.

‘What have you been up to this weekend?’

‘I just went to the library.’

‘Me too.’

But with summer came free time thus making me a much more interesting person. Hurray!


4) Wimbledon (especially the men’s final)

Strawberries and cream in my living room, all the time thinking, its so cool that I only live 10 minutes away from this spectacle, I must go next year.


5) Slightly warmer weather.


6) Nottinghill Carnival.

Not only europe’s biggest (and best) street festival, where else can I get the opportunity to dance to reggae music while being splattered with paint. Now that’s living.

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