Music Review: Walk the Moon


When you hear the phrase “Walk the Moon” you automatically think Neil Armstrong.  But I am certain this band chose the name because their music is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Okay, back to Earth. If there is one word to sum up Walk the Moon’s music, it is “sexy”.  The combination of charming lead singer, Nicholas Petricca and his lyrical musings about love, sex, college and friendship represent and speak to the Y Generation.  These guys have serious game.  The electric guitar and creative music videos help too.

The indie-rock quartet from Cincinnati Ohio started off with Nicholas Petricca and band mates Adam Reifsnyder and Nick Lerangis in 2008.  Through a number of changes, by 2010 the band included Petricca and Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Maiman. The band released a self-titled album in 2012, including songs from their independently released album in 2010, “I want! I want!”

They are well-known for their lead single Anna Sun, which was named 2011 song of the summer by Esquire. It is accompanied by a one take video, shot in an old warehouse including 75 of the bands friends.

There is a lot of paint, stuffed animals in glasses, hipster-everything, a harmonium solo by Petricca, a cringe-worthy dance sequence you would want to learn the moves to and children amongst fields of grass… The song was named after Petricca’s professor who evidently has a “cool name”.

Besides Anna Sun, favourites are Tightrope, which unpacks the mad-implications of falling in love, Blue Dress, fuelled with seduction, Lisa Baby, because there’s a line that says: “When my baby wears a dress, she’s not even a human being” and Iscariot, because it’s sad.

Walk The Moon’s music is so saturating.  Songs average a length of about four minutes, which is rare amidst these mass produced pop melodies.  There is an undeniable energy in their compositions.  It will have you screaming at the top of your lungs in the shower, humming while you are doing your grocery shopping and bobbing your head in class.

They recently released a new single in June, Shut Up and Dance which is still a crowd favourite.  It is not certain if they are recording a new album yet.

The band has a fantastic presence online.  Follow their YouTube account at WalkTheMoonVevo, which they constantly update with clips from their tour, acoustic sessions and humorous self-made videos they made with no-budget.  There is an authenticity about them that keeps you hanging around for more because they interact with their fans daily.

Follow them on Instagram @WalkTheMoon for cool insider shots and 15-second cover videos they did on their Gospel Tour with Panic At The Disco. They are also on Twitter @WALKTHEMOONband and Facebook at Walk The Moon.

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