Why Glamping Insurance Should be a New Cover

Glamping is a trend that is sweeping the nations. It is the glamorous version of camping and it is ideal for those who want to try their hand at enjoying outdoor life, but who need their home comforts at the same time. Instead of using traditional tents, glamping offers customers the option of staying in ready-made yurts, tipis, Shepherd’s huts or even lodges and safari-style tents, depending on where you plan to go. This trend is not just for the younger generations either as many older people who enjoy the outdoors are trying their hand at glamping.

It is an evolved form of camping and when you arrive at a glampsite, instead of having to struggle with finding a place to pitch, working out which poles go in which holes and then attempting to put the actual tent up, your accommodation will already be set up for you. Most glampsites will place their accommodation on top of wooden floors to keep out damp and draughts, as many glampers don’t want to feel any of the discomforts endured by regular campers. Some glamping sites offer more luxury activities too, including spas, pony trekking and canoeing alongside the more traditional activities of walking and hiking.

Whether you decide to go camping or glamping, it is imperative to get your belongings insured as you are always at risk of being the victim of a theft when you stay in the great outdoors. Losing belongings can also be a common problem and if you decide to glamp or camp at a music festival, you will need to financially protect yourself as studies show a whopping £190,000 worth of belongings were stolen at festivals last summer.

Glamping is becoming popular for the over 50’s who are going for their first time. However, Saga say it’s not just at festivals that you need insurance, any trip you take glamping, camping or caravanning will also need to be covered. It’s essential to check your policy as well so you know exactly what you are covered for and what you are not covered for.

With flat screen televisions and luxurious beds to sleep on, it’s easy to see why glamping is proving to be so popular. Glampers can feel the freedom of being at one with Mother Nature without getting dirty and uncomfortable, and as long as you insure your belongings, you should have a good time glamping.

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