Tonight Alive- The Other Side: Album Review

Tonight Alive is the Australian alternative rock band that has taken the music scene by storm. Fronted by the gloriously sensational Jenna McDougall, this quintet released their debut album in 2011; since then the band have toured with the likes of Simple Plan, All Time Low and You Me At Six. Their most recent studio album, The Other Side, provides fans with twelve tracks that truly demonstrate the talent and range of this energetic, passionate and dynamic band. Released in 2013, the album is overflowing with raw talent and intricate lyrics which are expertly delivered by the talented Jenna McDougall. Each track radiates a fierce and unmistakable passion which has been faultlessly crafted with true professionalism and power.

The album opens with the commanding sounds of The Ocean which exhibits the heavy element of band in terms of booming bass and honest vocals. It is safe to say that The Other Side opens with an unforgettable and almighty bang. This track is taster for the treats that will follow in this twelve track wonder. The Ocean smoothly precedes the intoxicating and fierce Don’t Wish which sees how McDougall’s arresting vocals create the heart of this track. With an infectiously catchy chorus which exudes a sense of empowerment and liberation, Don’t Wish shows that Tonight Alive is a force to be reckoned with.

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Tonight Alive line-up

If you’re looking for heartfelt tracks with tender and sincere lyrics, Say Please and You Don’t Owe Me Anything are the tracks for you. Say Please is a cocktail of commanding bass, sincere lyrics and stunning vocals whilst You Don’t Owe Me Anything sees a softer side to the band whilst harbouring the empowering ethos of the album.

As their second studio album, The Other Side, demonstrates the ever-growing skill and talent of the band since their self-released EPs whilst remaining true to their original and unique sound. Arguably, the album presents a perfect balance of heavy and intense anthems which are intertwined with resonant and heartfelt tracks. Tonight Alive have certainly been busy this year as a support act for All Time Low and the band are also set to embark on their biggest UK headline tour in November. I for one cannot wait for their album release in 2015.

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