Finding yourself

I believe that really finding yourself takes a massive amount of perseverance and experiences.

What really defines us?

Is it our appearance? Our personalities? Our backgrounds? What we believe in? Which path we want to take in life? Everything we do makes us who we are, whether that is setbacks we face or achievements which we celebrate. I believe that we go through life and everything we go through and do makes us find ourselves even more than we thought we have done before. We may never fully be defined, as there is always something, whether it is an experience or a lesson, that we have not yet faced which could be a turn in realising more about ourselves than we ever knew.

This is possibly the most riddled post I have made but its just a thought; can you say that you know everything about yourself? I definitely can’t but I know from my experiences that I am strong and life does through many obstacles at you, but to defeat them and carry on with a smile on your face afterwards may be one of your best and important self-defining moments.

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