Can you be a hero to our rescue dogs?

Dogs are amazing animals; not only do they provide companionship but they also bring joy, laughter and unconditional love into the home.

No matter what you look like, or how rough you feel, your dog will greet you with the same amount of love and excitement each time they see you. This is because there’s a unique bond between dog and owner – and it’s a bond which the RSPCA is calling on members of the public to strengthen by asking them to become a hero to one of their rescue dogs.


Celebrating animal bravery and dedication

The reason for the RSPCA’s plea is simple – there are a large number of rescue dogs seeking a new home and a chance at happiness. Dogs can make outstanding pets and as the Animal Hero Awards demonstrates, they can often go above and beyond the call of duty to care for their owners. 

The Animal Hero Awards is an event run by The Daily Mirror and the RSPCA to present awards in recognition of the most inspiring animals and the amazing people who care for them. It has quite a few well-known sponsors – including Pets at Home, Vets 4 Pets and More Than insurance – and will take place on Wednesday 26 November at Grosvenor House.

Awards will be presented by Amanda Holden and there are several award categories up for grabs including ‘Hero Animal of the Year’, ‘Caring Animal of the Year’ and ‘Rescue Animal of the Year’.


Fancy becoming a hero?

If the Animal Hero Awards inspire you, why not become your own hero? The RSPCA take in thousands of rescue dogs each year and in 2013 their branches managed to find homes for a staggering 55,000 animals.

While this is a great achievement, there is still more than can be done and sadly for every animal the RSPCA manage to rehome, there are always others that come in to replace them. There are many reasons dogs end up in their care but it is never through any fault of the animal.

By rehoming one of the RSPCA’s dogs, you will be helping to give them a second chance at life. You can even take advantage of six months free pet insurance with top insurer More Than when you rehome a dog from one of their centres which means you don’t have to worry about finances.

All these animals need is a loving home. Many of the dogs in have been mistreated which means they will need patient, kind and loving owners who have enough time to dedicate them but there are plenty of different breeds and types of dogs that can cater to other family setups.

By taking on a rescue dog, you will be giving a dog a new chance at happiness, not to mention opening your home for an additional family member. In essence, you’ll be a hero … just like the pet you’re rescuing.

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