Make HD voice calls with Vodafone Every Second Counts

How would you like to make HD phone calls to loved ones and friends with crystal clear voice quality at all times?

Well, now you can! Vodafone have recently brought out their innovative technological enhancement to mobile technology. With the introduction of High Definition quality voice calls across the UK, on Vodafone-to-Vodafone compatible devices, Vodafone is making sure that ‘Every Second Counts’.

Those with compatible phones will automatically switch to HD voice technology when in 3G range – making it easier than ever to enjoy the sound transmitted through your device as if you were in the room or even talking face to face with the other person.

Are you a business user? Ordinary consumer? Just someone looking to connect with a loved one? The benefits of using HD voice calls are obvious to all, the best quality call keeping you connected to ensure you do not miss out on life’s precious moments. Alternatively, if you are a businessman, those precious business deals that need to be closed.

Introduced via a quirky video campaign, Vodafone have gone above and beyond to shed light on just how important the quality of the phone call can be to the person on the other end. Check out this video below of Buster the Bulldog no longer having to face the hellish torture of missing his owner – being a Bulldog can be tough when trying to dial with those paws.

Forming part of a nationwide commitment by Vodafone to provide the strongest network to all UK consumers, this campaign is just the start of an ever expanding quality initiative which currently sees 4G coverage available in over 313 cities in the country and growing on an almost daily basis.

So, stay connected to your loved ones, don’t miss a moment, and ensure that your phone calls are as powerful as could be. Have you used Vodafone’s HD voice calls? Let us know what you think of the quality in the comments below.

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