Free things to do in Melbourne

So you have packed your bags, booked your flight, and you are officially on your way to the land down under – Australia! Anyone who knows Australia knows that a visit to the country without visiting the culture capital that is Melbourne is simply a visit wasted.

Melbourne – the metropolis that sees many a tourist head through the beautiful streets, iconic bars, and wonderful beaches on an almost daily basis. Once you have booked your hotel with the last thing you will want to do is actually sleep – get out, go and enjoy the city for everything it is worth.

For those on a budget, or those looking to get more up close and personal with the city during your visit, here is our little guide to free things that you might want to see or do while you are in Melbourne:


Walk! Or cycle, It´s a huge city, go see it all

Melbourne is an absolute metropolis of things to do and see, from beautiful architecture, people seeing, to some hidden jewel’s dotted around on every corner – you will never tire of taking a lovely long walk in the city, there is so much to see! We advise that you wake up early, take your camera, and just head out into the city ready to become the most snap happy Melbournite of the day.

Those of you looking to cycle, Melbourne was a city that was made for cycling. A largely flat city with plenty of amazing landscapes for the cyclist to make their own, you can even head out to the beach for the day if your legs are feeling up to it.


Seek out the famous street art

A task for you while you are on your walk – Melbourne is full of amazing and beautiful street art, head over to Hosier Lane where you will find some of the most famous street art that the city has to offer – street art, being free to view, of course.

There are many more famous landmarks and historic street art that you will find throughout the city, just keep your eyes peeled at every corner you pass.


Grainger Museum

Get to know an eccentric Australian in Percy Aldridge Grainger. Found at the University of Melbourne, admission to the museum is free, and it is open from Tuesdays to Fridays, as well as Sunday from 1pm to 4.30pm. Well worth a visit in our book.


Check out some of the famous markets

Some of the markets in Melbourne are more than 100 years old, stoked in history and part of the daily beat of Melbourne life. Head over to Queen Victoria Market open every day except for Mondays and Wednesdays, and simply enjoy one the experience of walking around an Australian market. Soak up the atmosphere and get chatting with the locals, if Australians are famous for anything, it is their absolute hospitality, some of the friendliest people you will meet.


Attend a local gig

Melbourne is full of little bars and pubs that host a range of live music each night. For visitors on a tight budget attending a local gig is a great, cheap way to experience the local culture and meet some nice locals at the same time. With live music genres ranging from Blues to Trance you’ll definitely find something in the Melbourne live music scene that tickles your fancy. For Melbourne gig guides and access to the cheapest tickets available visit and


These five things are a great way to spend a day in the city, whether you are cycling, exploring, or getting to know Melbourne in a personal way, we simply love getting to grips with the city and cannot recommend highly enough that anyone visiting Melbourne take in at least two of the above, you will definitely not regret it.

We hope we have whetted your appetite a little for your visit to Melbourne. Have you been before? Think we have missed anything on our list? Let us know and pass on some wisdom to those looking to travel to Australia in the future.

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