Robbie Boyd – ‘Brave’

Robbie Boyd’s new track ‘Brave’ is a perfectly light and refreshing take on a folk pop track, such a wonderful offering.  Taken from his debut album So Called Man, ‘Brave’ is just one of many stand out tracks which beautifully encompass the diversity and delicacy of the folk pop genre.

The guitar work is beautiful and it is clear to see his busking background in a variety of cities has influenced his music; it has given it a raw simplicity which would work perfectly in any setting, be it street side or gig venue.  The piano and drum embellishments add another dimension and layer to the song which uplift it from a humble busking track to something which lives up to Boyd’s increasing popularity whilst being new and exciting.

Boyd has been making numerous stops around Europe to perform and is to make another stop in London at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen on 10th December, following on from sell out shows in Rome and trips to Florence and Milan it is clear that Boyd has mass appeal and is making a name for himself on the continent.

Overall the track remains upbeat and never falters, some beautiful instrumental work complements Boyd’s vocals and creates an all-round catchy piece.  The uplifting chorus empowers the listener to follow his message whilst being memorable.  Boyd’s success throughout Europe is testament to his talent and that if he continues to produce music like ‘Brave’ he will go far – a real artist to watch.

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