Flawless Skin on the High-Street

When it comes to having flawless skin, it is often believed that high-end is the best and only option.  Foundation is always a tricky subject, especially when it comes to being restricted to a  student friendly budget. However, this isn’t always a burden, as there are many high street brands and sorts of foundations out there that seem to tick all the boxes.

Warning: You will be left without the luxurious heavy weight packaging that makes you stop and go ‘ahhh’, however you will get something that does what it says on the tin, and will save you money in the long term – it’s simply about finding the right one.

I have three of my favourites to share with you, that will make you want to quickly dash to your local Boots and retrieve your wondrous foundation fix.


1. Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ Foundation

A favourite with many online beauty bloggers and vloggers (and me nonetheless). This foundation really does provide a natural glow to the skin with its ‘anti-fatigue effect’ as well as being a light blendable texture that achieves a high end finish, without the hefty price tag. At £8.99, this foundation is definitely worth the money, with a number of shades to choose from, there is also a matching concewake me up foundationaler
that works great under the eyes as an instant wake me up!


2. Bourjois ‘123 Perfect Colour CC Cream’

If you are able to ignore and go past the fascicle nature of this products title then you will  be able to truly appreciate the greatness of it.  Supposedly, this ‘colour correcting cream’ is meant to reduce the appearence of redness, under eye circles and fatigue, I was initially sceptical and not sure if it successfully did all three, however it ended up being a  mighty fine foundation base for any make up look. CC Creams are often known for bebourjois cc creaming a light base that evens out skin tone, however Bourjois has upped the anti and made this a medium-full converage foundation that does all the things it says on the tin. Once again, at a reasonable price of £9.99, there is no going back after giving this beauty gem a whirl.


3. L’Oreal ‘True Match’ Foundation 

Now, for a beauty staple that has been around for a while that never fails to disappoint. The L’Oreal ‘True Match’ foundation has an extensive range of 23 shades, which will suit every skin tone, whilst providing a good coverage  without feeling or looking cakey. It is also easily comparable with high-end foundations such as the MAC studio fix fluid, its creamy texture that blends into the skin is most definitely quality that comes  L'Oreal true match foundationat a student friendly price.


So, when you are next considering spending £25+ on a foundation, resort back to the well-loved high street and give one of these beauty staples a go. In the case of make-up bases it is often product vs. packaging,  therefore these high street products are of  high quality, simply without the lights, cameras and flashes that we all admittedly love.

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