The Arsenal Puzzle – Missing Pieces Found!

Each week, win or lose, Arsenal supporters have experienced emotions of bipolic proportions. The last few seasons haven’t been kind to us but many of the comments and views from some supporters, not all, has been a little tough to take and in my opinion, out of order.

I have been asked many times if I am Wenger In or Wenger Out; the answer I give is the same each time. “He’s already in, Wenger to Stay”. I hear the open frustration from a section of Arsenal fans and it is understandable, particularly when you are used to a certain type of performance from your team; anything less to watch is unbearable.

My view is that I don’t believe Arsene Wenger is the wrong man to lead us to further glory, the glory we have admittedly fallen very short of. I do see a man whose relieved facial expression says it all when his team performs to their full potential and win the games that all the doubters and haters are convinced we will lose.

Of course we have lacked in certain positions but to blame Wenger for this is short sighted. Our injuries have been on-going and no doubt the thorn in Wenger’s side. Without the influential injured, he still has to field a team each week, a team who have the potential to win games but without every player fit giving the boss choices, is not a guarantee.

The incessant calls for him to buy world class players has been heard with the addition of Mesut Ozil and in particular Alexis Sanchez who has injected enthusiasm and spirit with a polite toe poke to the backside of those whose confidence has dipped. Players have to start somewhere though and I don’t recall Thierry Henry being called world class when he signed.

Times have changed calling for clubs to buy big in order to compete with the big money of Manchester City and Chelsea but there is one thing that remains the same. A football team is like a jigsaw puzzle. Holes where the missing pieces should sit will frustrate you but when they are all together, you can make the top three. A bit like Southampton.

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