CV Man Back Again

The man who used to make a living through sitting guests at tables, at American restaurant TGI Fridays; now goes by the name “C.V. Man” after receiving an overwhelming response from well-known companies across the world, all begging him to join the company! How did Alfred Ajani manage this? Simply standing outside Waterloo station late last August, holding a piece of paper that read what Fred had to offer; people started to take pictures and then before he knew it, Fred was trending on Twitter!

Same Fred, same pack solid station, different sign. This year the Marketing project and PR manager for Asoria Group has returned to Waterloo, this time ready to recruit for his own team! That’s right, Fred’s seeking 20 new consultants to work across three different departments with-in the company; digital, property and renewable energy. Just shows how a little determination can go a long way, literally… Companies in Barcelona were trying to recruit Fred! But he found happiness at The Asoria Group, since joining the team Fred has said ” I love it, it’s the best thing I’ve done with my life.”

If you fancy yourself as a hard working, bubbly, determined individual then reach Fred on twitter through direct message “@Fr3dsantana”, you never know!

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