Velvet Lips For Valentines:

A new craze that came about in 2014  which divided opinions of beauty enthusiasts everywhere, was the ‘liquid  lipstick’. Not a matte, not a gloss – somewhere inbetween. The liquid lipstick creates an opaque stain on the lips and wears like a conventional matte lip, however it applies like a gloss. Crazy, right!? But, if you want a lipstick that is going to last all throughout Valentines day/night, jump on the band wagon and opt for a liquid lippy. Here are a few to give you a taste of whats on the current beauty market.


1. Bourjois ‘Rouge Edition Velvets’

Bourjois, being one of the best drugstore beauty brands out there (in my opinion of course) has launched a line of liquid lipsticks that come in a range of highly wearable shades. Perfect for Valentines Day would be the shade in ‘Hot Pepper’, a vibrant red that will match any skin tone perfectly.

A common complaint of the new form of ‘liquid lipstick’ is that they can be drying on the lips, however these honestly stay matte but at the same time do not dry your lips out, they simply create an opaque wash of colour which literally will not budge. Also, another great thing about this product, is the price. At £8.99, there is no need to turn to the more high end brands, you will experience the same great quality but for a much cheaper price.


bourjois rouge


2. Lime Crime ‘Velvetines’ 

The Lime Crime range of liquid lipsticks that they cleverly branded as ‘velvetines’ were the first  range to really hit the beauty scene like a storm. As the name would suggest, they create a velvet finish on the lips, like the Bourjois range – very long lasting as well as being extremely opaque! What is amazing about the Lime Crime range however is the vibrant and extensive colours they have on offer. My personal favourite which I think could rock any Valentines look is the shade in ‘Wicked’, a dark vampy red that will ‘sex up’ any outfit and at the same time (because of the blue undertone) make your teeth look whiter! Bonus.

As we increase in colour range and quality we also must expect an increase in price. These glorious lipsticks retail at £13.50, which is still less than a standard MAC lipstick, yet with this lip product you will be certain of a lip that lasts all night and looks just as good as when you first applied it.


lime crime  3. Lush ‘Emotional Brilliance’

‘Emotional Brilliance’ you may ask. Not a conventional name for a range of lipsticks? However, as we know, Lush isn’t a conventional brand. Their lipsticks are not simply  a range of lip products, they are a form of multipurpose make up, therefore can be used on cheeks, eyelids or wherever you fancy putting them on your face! I believe their liquid lipsticks deserve a mention as they are so versatile and come in over 20 shades, therefore you can tailor your valentines look perfectly into whatever look that you want to achieve.

My Valentine’s picks from the range would be ‘passionate’, a bright pink that is surely eye catching or ‘Decisive’, a dark red that shouts self assurance! Once again, we increase slightly in price. The Lush lipsticks retail at £14.50, but as a matter of fact you are bagging yourself more bang for your buck, as you are really purchasing a 3 in 1 product – thats what I call a beauty steal.


lush make up


What is your opinion on the latest lipstick craze?

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