Product review: Garnier Micellar Water

I hadn’t actually seen or heard of this so called ‘micellar water’ phenomenon on the internet, surprise surprise, I saw it at the bus stop! Who said the internet takes over everything?

That said, thank God for the internet-ready smart phones, as I googled this straight away, only to see it’s glowing reviews – so I had to try it out myself. Why you ask?

I have some sort of a ‘combination skin’. I’m not even sure what it means myself, but it’s sometimes really dry or oily or just normal. On the occasion however, my skin can be increasingly sensitive and spotty. Therefore skin care can become ridiculously expensive, so when an affordable product comes along – it’s like a dream come true!

After buying this for a bargain £2.66, I was already looking forward to it’s outcome. The customer reviews on various websites had informed me to use this in the morning after I wake up and just before going to sleep. After just seven days, I am over the moon with how clean, fresh and glowing my skin is. I am addicted. Ladies, (and men that wear make up), ditch those make up wipes that are terrible for your skin and eyes – I give the new make up remover, even effective on thick, black mascara – and I only had to use one cotton pad! One of my real pet hates is having sore eyes after removing eye make up, but Garnier is really gentle on the eye lid and doesn’t require me to use eye drops afterwards.

Just as the bottle explains, if you’re looking for a fast effective way to remove make up – this is for you. However, as someone who only wears make up once a week due to sheer laziness, garnier micellar water is actually fantastic for everyday cleansing. Forget those water splashing, 15 minute leave-on masks – they’re old news compare to the ten second cotton pad wipe around the face.

I pretty much have absolutely no regrets about buying this, and completely agree with every review I read!

The best thing about it is that it lasts: the generous sized bottle is a perfect size and affordable too!

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