Musical Review: Molly Wobbly

I took a walk down Mammary Lane, all the way to ‘Molly Wobbly’ in London’s Leicester Square theatre and what I discovered was nothing short of hysterical! Hailing from Northern Ireland, musical writer and director Paul Boyd’s story of three women in stale marriages, find hope and renewed fervor in the form of a visiting, Romanian, green haired stranger to their not much going on town of ‘Little Happening’.

Paul has created a colourful story which oozes wit, copious amounts of glitter, bra straps, cleavage and dreams. Amongst the hilarity of the script and first-rate individual performances, Paul perfectly conveys, in poignant song and dance the growing need for us to surgically change ourselves in order to feel happy and alive once more.

Like the proverbial heaving breasts, this wonderfully casted show has had its ups and downs, my only disappointment is that there is just one week left to cop an eyeful! The 14th March will be a sad day for all involved. The commitment and belief in this project is astounding and after witnessing for myself the reaction of the audience a longer run is an absolute must.

With a Carry On-esque feel, the comically divine performances of Conleth Kane as ‘Jake’ the hairdresser and Alan Richardson as ‘Kitten’ the drag queen had me falling off my rouge velvet seat in this lusciously, intimate, London venue. I like falling of my chair, it adds to my experience.

If ever we needed a feel good, raunchy, innuendo filled musical fest, Paul Boyd’s ‘Molly Wobbly’ ticks every box. Breast is best!!

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